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Civil rights
& Minority rights:

Which candidate's done more damage?

Women's rights:
Which candidate's done more damage?
Treatment of Muslims
and Arabs: Which candidate is worse?
Who's done (far) more damage?

Just who is the bigger
Threat to world peace?

War and Peace: Sanity vs. Madness
1. Invest at home, or? 2. Typical militarism, or:
3. Militairsm on Steroids & Endless wars?

Yes, let's talk about Bigotry.
You'd better sit down for this..
This isn't from some right-wing blog..
It's the BBC & UK Guardian; Three top Clinton aides testified!
Who used N-word & shouted "You Fucking Jew Bastard!"??
Who's done more
harm to immigrants?

Immigrants, Refugees:
Insulting vs. killing them
Mean talk vs. Funding Coups
which kill Latin@s & create refugees
Surprised who the "Lesser Evil" is?!
Now you know it's safe to vote for the Greater Good
See Citizens' Revolt! &!
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Who most threatens our democracy?
Voting for your values or for Hillary?

Why you'd have to be priviledged to vote for Hillary.

Which candidate's most corrupt — and corruptable? Worst-case DT taxes
Worst case HC Foundation+Emailss

Convinced DT the Lesser Evil?
Any Choices besides DT
& not voting? Yes!
Still not convinced Hillary is the "Greater" Evil?
Here's why DT's The Lesser Danger
And Hillary is the Greater Danger

& Must-read:
HRC's Fascism vs. DT's

Don't vote for the LesserEvil (DT)
Instead Vote for the Greater Good!
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Added post-election --
NEW, Shocking: Trump's far more misogynistic brother (sadly very accurate political satire)

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