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Policies Towards & Treatment of
Latin Americans, Immigrants & Refugees:
Exactly Who is "Worse"?
Who's done more damage?
Disrespect vs. Actual murderous policies:

Progressive radio host Tim Black:
Hillary Clinton's policies have been
Terrible for Latin@s & Refugees.

His youtube channel includes this interview with Debbie "the Sane Progressive"
and who has her own very successful channel.
"Aren't you afraid of Trump?" Tim asks Debbie.

In answering she shows:

Who is worse? Hillary or Trump?
Who is more dangerous?
Watch! The answers may surprise you:

While "Trump [insults] immigrants...
Hillary manufactures refugees

[and insults them and gets them killed]"
-Debbie, the Sane Progressive (vid above)

Hillary just before the election campaign: "Build a border fence!"
     (as opposed to DT's "build a 'Wall'?? No difference)

     Hillary only changed her tune now, to get elected!

     Fact: Mexico will NOT Pay to "build a wall"
     DT's Wall isn't gonna happen!
And, equally if more more importantly: ugly actions by a President DT would be massively opposed by liberals, most independents, by some Republican Americans, and by many Republican leaders...and by the entire Democratic Establishment in Congress!

...while past history demonstrates that the same or worse actions by a President Hillary Clinton would be ignored and even defended by many Americans, and backed by the Democratic Establishment as well as by most Republicans, with whom she "collaborated" back-stabbing regular folks here and overseas in the past (Iraq war, pro-mass-incarceration & private prisons, Libya war, NAFTA, etc, etc!) and will be again in the future! Hillary could and would get away with things Trump couldn't!

What most Trump followers don't understand is that NAFTA was bad for most Mexican workers too! It wasn't "Mexico gains, U.S. loses" rather, it was Politically "Insider" Big Biz Wins, while regular workers (Americans and Mexicans) BOTH LOSE! Self sustaining Mexicans driven or even kicked off their land, small business owning Mexicans getting edged out by U.S.-subsidized mega corporations...

NAFTA was lose-lose for Americans and Mexicans (and yes increased some immigration to U.S. but largely due to this impoverishment thanks to NAFTA...and thanks to violence from terrible "War on Drug" policies by Washington)

Well who got NAFTA passed? Not Republican President Reagan, not Bush much as they would have LOVED to pass that or something was Bill and Hillary Clinton who did it...collaborating with Republicans and sellout so-called "moderate" Democrats in Congress..and relying on the Establishment Corporate Liberal media (and moderate and liberal Americans going to sleep or being more trusting after a nominal "Democrat" won...)

Hillary just before the election campaign: "Send back even refugee children!"
Reason she gave, exact quote: "to send a message!"

This is especially morally grotesque given she helped create those refugees (see Hillary Clinton lends a helping hand... to Coup section below, Hillary's backing the Honduran Coup leaders!)

Remember: Hillary could and would get away with things Trump couldn't!

And that's not all:
what's worse than insulting immigrants & refugees
is creating refugees in Central America
by backing coups that overthrow elected governments,
creating suffering, death, and migrating desperate Latinx immigrants
who (whether they reach neighboring countries or
reach the U.S.) are in desperate miserable conditions;

Hillary Clinton led in the creation of this misery
in Honduras (See immediately below) that is
a politician who is in no way a 'friend' of Latinxs:

Hillary Clinton lends a helping hand...
to Coup leaders, assaulting democracy

helping create "barbarity" that took the lives of so many

Including ending the life of one of the world's top
environmental activists, who also happened to be a woman
A woman who before her death, pointed a finger at Hillary

Yes, insulting immigrants and refugees is wrong;
but creating the most desperate refugees
whether by warmonginer in Iraq and Libya or by backing
the Honduran coup? That's far worse and more costly than insults;
It's measured in countless lost — and shattered — lives:

"We're coming out of a coup that we can't put behind us. We can't reverse it. It just kept going..The same Hillary Clinton, in her book, Hard Choices, practically said what was going to happen in Honduras..And here, she, Clinton [backed the coup leaders] even though we warned this was going to be very dangerous and that it would permit a barbarity, not only in Honduras but in the rest of the continent. And we've been witnesses to this." Assassinated Honduran environmental activist and Goldman Environmental Prize winner Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores (1973-2016) speaking in 2014 in post-coup Honduras, who was murdered in her home in 2016.

UPI wire service ran a 2016 story Why this protester is blaming Clinton for the murder of a Honduran activist and noted "Honduras [following Hillary-backed coup] currently tops the World Bank's list of countries with the highest rate of intentional homicides." and that following the "removal of" (coup against) democratically elected President Zelaya, "the U.S. Embassy in Honduras determined ' that there is no doubt that the military, Supreme Court and National Congress conspired on June 28 in what constituted an illegal and unconstitutional coup.' "

But while other regional countries (Organization of American States - OAS) as well as EU and UN wanted to demand the coup plotters return the elected President Zelaya to power, Hillary instead decided to help the coup leaders, and not insist on the return of the elected president, and, instead let them hold "elections" under the brutality and violence of the Coup Regime, practically ensuring the rightful but coup-ousted President would not win under such ""election" conditions. As Democracy Now reported "Before Her Assassination, Berta [Flores] Singled Out Hillary Clinton for Backing Honduran Coup"

What's worse than insulting immigrants and refugees, is Hillary Clinton, in country after country creates refugees, countless deaths, impoverishment, and misery for civilians a large portion of whom are very groups — women, children, Muslim, non-whites — she claims to care about — yet not once or twice but time and time again, in country after country, the very people whose lives are shattered or ended, by Hillary's policies.

The international reaction to the coup was highly negative. It was condemned by the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization of American States. Every country in the EU and in this hemisphere -- except the United States ­-- withdrew its ambassador from Honduras. President Obama promptly denounced it as "not legal" and implied that president Manuel Zelaya must be restored to office. But very soon, the United States' position became far less clear. One important indication was the US State Department's refusal to use the term "military coup," which would have required cutting off military aid. This refusal came despite a report from the US Embassy in Honduras that a military coup, without any legal justification, was exactly what had happened. The role of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was particularly duplicitous, as she recounts in her recent memoir Hard Choices; while the United States gave lip service to the nearly universal demand that President Zelaya should return to his position, Secretary Clinton was campaigning behind the scenes to make sure that that did not happen. A few months later, the United States completed its about-face and recognized the government and president chosen in a highly dubious election managed by the coup regime itself. The US reputation in Latin America, notably improved after President Obama's April speech, fell sharply. (From truth-out article by Central America scholar Dr. John Lamperti)
Closing Summary:
In a non-swing states, always vote your values in any
election; but this you know the facts:

Hillary in so many ways is not the "Lesser Evil" but
the Greater Evil in past acts, and even more clearly,
Hillary is the Greater Danger (Trump would be a more opposed,
weaker, thus less dangerous — less able to do damage — president)

Fight for a last-minute miracle President Jill..
A DT Presidency would increase progressive activism
With Hillary, most Media would spin for her, many Americans would
Go back to sleep, as in 90s, when Clintons gave us NAFTA & slashed aid to single moms
Today it would mean also:
$trillions on wars: devastation, death & more terrorism through Iraq-War style repeats

After reviewing this, we hope you'll agree that "even"
in swing states too, vote for the Greater Good:
Dr. Jill Stein for President!

At worst, we'll get a weaker "Lesser Evil" president in DT flooded with opposition
And at Best? After all the huge Surprises (Bernie going so far, DT nomination, latest HRC health problems) we've seen?

At best? We'll get a
deeply progressive
President Dr. Jill Stein!

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