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Insults versus Slaughter..
Which is worse? Your heart knows the answer..

One simple question:

If Donald Trump insulted Jews...

While Hillary Clinton had a long record

Of supporting, voting for, advocating

and even leading the charge of policies

That led to the mass-killing of

Hundreds of thousands of Jews

Civilian Jews...Jewish women & children

And Hillary did this in country, after

country, after country...with

hundreds of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands

More maimed Jews, Jewish refugees,

impoverished Jews, Jewish children made orphans
(The Iraq War catastrophe alone created ~800,000 orphans per UK inquiry)

devastating country after country...

One simple question...

in that case...

who would be "worse"?

We do not have the moral right to
shield our eyes from the consequences
of policies carried out in our name:

This boy maimed thanks to the Iraq War which Hillary was the most powerfully nationally-prominent Democrat to green-light.

The war also created some 800,000 orphans (UK study), hundreds of thousands dead..and did Hillary "learn" from that "mistake" which alone should disqualify anyone from the Presidency after such body-counts?

No, Hillary didn't just vote for, she was the leading most powerful hawk in Obama's cabinet for the Libya war disaster, after he has originally opposed it.

This fact doesn't let Obama off the hook, but we're asking about assessing the right-wing Neocon policies of putative "Democrat" Hillary Clinton and assessing the dangers if she occupies the White House.

Put in these stark terms,

however uncomfortable,

the answer is grimly and

painfully obvious

And the same logic applies to the life-or

and-death effects on Muslims & Arabs worldwide.

No matter how the slick ads or media

try to spin it, that's the painful truth.

Don't shade your eyes from the images below

Or from the truth...

P.S.: We were just making an analogy with Jews

But turns out Hillary has an ugly history

With Anti-Semitism (see Bigotry section) but,

Please think over the above first

And the images and photos above & below:

Libya Before and After Western "humanitarian" war:

This group of so-called "moderate" rebels (in reality: violently extremist Jihadists) beheaded this twelve (12) year old boy! Welcome to the ugly truth: In Syria you don't have a simple equation of "ISIS and Al Qaeda are bad, the other, 'moderates' are good" Instead you have often admirable peaceful opposition groups but the overwhelming majority of armed groups are brutal, violent, civilian-targeting extremist Islamist jihadis and mercenary groups.

That's what the fit leaf of "moderates" hides, in order to attempt to engineer another "regime change" never mind the catastrophic results in Iraq, never mind the catastrophic results when tried again in Libya leaving a trail of destruction, dead civilians, and large swathes of the country run by ISIS no less! Another ugly fact: the top strongest hawk war advocate in Obama's cabinet for the Libya still unfolding disaster was Hillary. Doesn't let the rest off the hook; but as for assessing her character as potential leader, it couldn't look worse: Hillary not only didn't "learn" from the trillion+ dollar "mistake" in Iraq, she was strongest advocate for a repeat in Libya

Back to these so-called "moderate" terrorist thugs: This very same group that beheaded the boy, wasn't just backed but funded (read: paid for by your tax-dollars) and not only backed by Hillary, but she has been to the Neocon hard-line Right end of spectrum (little wonder Neocons flock to her) and Hillary wants to double-down even further in support of vicious brutal jihadis trying not only to overthrow Syria's Secular government, and replace it with a strict Sharia Islamic State (with them as dictators, "naturally") but also terrorizing civilians and even beheading children.

Just to be very clear, this is not ISIS or Al Qaeda, but "moderates" Hillary was most hawkish in supporting and who wants to escalate further. The last image is blurred but they are still very disturbing. You choice whether to look but it's you tax dollars, isn't there a moral imperative to look, to know, not to hide from yourself what Hillary and other hawks in Obama cabinet have done?

Hillary's policies have meant, and if president would mean, more scenes like this, taken from video created by the "rebels" themselves as the taunt the boy who asks if he can be killed "only" with a bullet and they reply on tape to him: "We are worse than ISIS". These are one of the "moderate" U.S.-backed U.S.-funded groups sold to us by Washington and the media, horrible enough...even more horrible are those at the hawkish hard-line end pushing these the forefront of which is Hillary Clinton:

Link to (partly blurred but still very disturbing) last image of "moderate rebel" monster jihadist holding the
severed head of the 12 year old boy
high in the air, joyously, is here. Your taxes & Hillary's foreign policy at work.

Hillary thinks the disaster in Iraq she voted to authorize, and the Libya war disaster which killed, maimed, and impoverished even more innocent civilians, women, and children, and on top of that, leaving ISIS in charge of large swathes of Libya... Hillary thinks that's not enough.

In order to overthrow the Syrian government (which at least is Secular, multi-religious acceptance and plurality, women can drive, woman Vice President, woman Speaker of Parliament, etc. And which was taking small but critical steps like legalizing opposition papers as part of a reform process long before the Arab Spring) all in order to appease the most brutal regime in the Middle East: the oil-rich Al-Saudi family dictatorship practicing and exporting the most extremist form of fundamentalism: Wahhabi Islam.

All to back the oil-rich Saudis, a country where women aren't allowed to drive, or even vote outside of local elections (even that was a recent "gift" from the Al Saud family dictatorship) where bloggers like Saudi human rights activist Raif Badawi are sentenced for that "crimes" and then publicly whipped for criticizing the government, poor people who steal may have their hands cut of, people are beheaded ISIS-style after being found "guilty" in courts that international human rights observers repeatedly tell us are rigged "courts."

More: Please see the section on Hillary's "special relationship" with the Saudi regime. That is, with probably the world's worst human rights abusing regime, and without question the country where women have the least rights, period.

  1. Related Section: Hillary's very close & "Special" Relationship with world's #1 abuser of Muslims: The brutal Saudi dictatorship

  2. See also: Trump is no friend of women, but uncomfortable as it may be, looking at Hillary's long record of brutal policies towards women & women's rights

  3. And who has the worse decades-long record in terms of Treatment of Minorities? The answer is unsettling, and the not in Hillary's favor. Not by a long shot!

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Closing Summary:
In a non-swing states, always vote your values in any
election; but this you know the facts:

Hillary in so many ways is not the "Lesser Evil" but
the Greater Evil in past acts, and even more clearly,
Hillary is the Greater Danger (Trump would be a more opposed,
weaker, thus less dangerous — less able to do damage — president)

Fight for a last-minute miracle President Jill..
A DT Presidency would increase progressive activism
With Hillary, most Media would spin for her, many Americans would
Go back to sleep, as in 90s, when Clintons gave us NAFTA & slashed aid to single moms
Today it would mean also:
$trillions on wars: devastation, death & more terrorism through Iraq-War style repeats

After reviewing this, we hope you'll agree that "even"
in swing states too, vote for the Greater Good:
Dr. Jill Stein for President!

At worst, we'll get a weaker "Lesser Evil" president in DT flooded with opposition
And at Best? After all the huge Surprises (Bernie going so far, DT nomination, latest HRC health problems) we've seen?

At best? We'll get a
deeply progressive
President Dr. Jill Stein!

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