Donald Trump's More Misogynistic Brother

Let me tell you a secret...Little-known fact is that Trump has a brother Harry who is, sad to say, far more misogynistic than Donald Trump!

We most wisely judge people by their actions rather than their words (like that someone in his position "can" grab a woman) and the reality is, Harry is far worse than Donald; besides, Harry has personally assaulted not a handful or dozens, not even hundreds, or thousands, but millions of women. You read that right: Trumps' more misogynistic brother Harry has assaulted millions of women.

How'd Harry do that? He infiltrated the Democratic Party and got them to pass viciously anti-woman, brutally misogynistic assaults, I mean "policies", against millions of women, assaults that voters would never have let through were "Republicans" doing it..but Misogynistic Harry got the policies through.

They were a brutal SLASHING of aid to MILLIONS of hard working American women going through hard times...Harry pushed these policies which kicked these women and their kids in the face..How extreme were these woman-hating measures? They smashed up the main lines of aid that were in place for other a half century. Half century old programs smashed to pieces, and millions of vulnerable women (the majority of those using the program) told to FUCK OFF.

Years later, in the 21st century, Misogynistic Harry added sexist, patronizingly misogynistic insult to injury by actually calling these victims of his assaults, these millions of women, he called "Deadbeats"(1)

That Makes Harry, in actual effect of actual policies on millions actual women's lives through policies Harry successfully enacted -- not only more misogynistic than Donald, but more misogynistic than all the other 2016 candidates put together. Hard to believe, but those are the ugly facts.

Need more convincing? There's more. Harry gave critical support to wars that killed, injured, scarred and impoverished hundreds of thousands (conservatively) to millions of women in Iraq..Critical support because having infiltrated the Democrats, and being so powerful, his influence for-or-against a war pushed by a Republican President was critical.

Worse: little known, Harry (nicknamed "Really Crass") Trump actually implemented both in 1990s and also as a full U.S. Senator in the early 2000's, policies of mass-starvation and collective punishment that led to the high level top administrator in charge to resign in protest calling the policies "genocidal"..and to be replaced by another top administrator...who also called Harry's policies "genocidal" and with others, resigned in protest. In addition to the dead and maimed in the Iraq war, this forgotten 1990s Genocide, an effort led by Harry and his spouse, caused another half-million to million deaths of mostly women and children. (2)

Now do you see why Harry "Really Crass" (HRC) Trump in actual policies and effects on women in the real world, is more misogynistic than not only Donald, but more so than all the other 2016 candidates put together? (Oh, as if not enough, he also not just backed but personally spear-headed another war --Libya-- and leading to tens of thousands more dead, maimed, and impoverished women, and resulting in country being overrun by terrorist extremists who engage in every brutality including beheading, and who also happen like using women as sex slaves spoils of war. Judge people by their actions, not by their words or their genitals: HRC had a more misogynistic record of brutally assaulting, killing, and impoverishing millions of women, in the U.S. and abroad, more misogynistic than all other 2016 Presidential candidates put together. Our minds may rebel and refuse to accept that all this applies to another HRC, but ideological blinders aren't reality; Mother Nature (and those stubborn things, facts) bat last.

(1) also other sections of our site)


After writing and posting the above on this website around April 2017, more than a year later, June 2018, we found:

Prominent Progressive Sours On Bernie 2020 singer, songwriter, actor Nellie McKay interviewed on the Jimmy Dore show Prominent Progressive Sours On Bernie 2020

"And the only thing is that military budget -- no one really pays attention to that because blowing up black and brown kids that that [sarcastically] isn't racist, and, you know, blowing up women and children, that, that, isn't, that isn't, profoundly -- a rather profound version of misogyny you know..I mean, you, you have this liberal class that, that gay marriage is a deal-breaker, I'm not saying it shouldn't be, but, but blowing up children, is 'okay' you know, and that, that is the Faustian bargain..that is the moral bankruptcy, and that's what I have subscribed to my whole life, up until 2016, when for so many of us, you know, the fever broke..." –Nellie McKay