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NEW, Shocking: Trump's far more misogynistic brother
Care about women?
Care about children?

(Hillary keeps lumping these as causes she says she "champions")
Don't fall for the "pro-women" rhetoric:
Hillary's record is brutally anti-women

Yes, really. Seriously. Horribly.
No right-wing rumors.
Read the plain facts below, they speak for themselves.

This may be the hardest truth to hear — and painful — but the truth really does set you free. Yes, other reality-checks are challenging too, like "Which candidate is really worse on minority rights or on treatment of Muslims?" (and on warmongering) but when asked to contrast insulting a group with a long string of actions leading to death and suffering, people are open to a re-think the "Who's the Lesser Evil?"question, especially when given details.

On the topic of women's rights in particular the media spin and assumptions are so pervasive and ubiquitous that, you know, how can we possibly even ask such a question? — the question of "who is worse" on women's rights? After all, Hillary's been 'good' to women, right? Therefore (so the thinking goes) it makes no sense to ask which candidate is worse or asking "how bad" Hillary Clinton's been — she's been "good" after all, or so goes the party line from media and Establishment Democratic pundits. In actuality, sadly, the reality is that Hillary Clinton has, in fact, done women far more harm than good in stark contrast to media and pundit spin.

Hillary's "love" American Women & Children:
Hillary's "love" for Women & Girls overseas:

Twitter user @WorldForBernie (11k followers) describes herself in profile
as among "Humanists & Real Feminists against @HillaryClinton! A
vote for her is a vote for worldwide economic slavery & endless,
evil wars! #NeverHillary
" tweeted this comment plus meme:

This spin and these myths are debunked head-on below, and we do so without mentioning accusations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton, without talking about Hillary surrogates insulting women as having supported Bernie "because that's where the boys are", nor will we focus on things like the infamous released audio tape — where Hillary doesn't just discuss her defending a man she was sure was guilty of raping a 12 year old girl but coldly laughs many times about her out-foxing the prosecutors — instead we uncover the disturbingly and consistently anti-women policies of Hillary Clinton over many decades.

New! September 2016 shocking report! — Research Study findings:
"US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds"
"The findings raise questions over the legacy of [Hillary and Bill Clinton's 1990s championing and helping pass so-called] "Welfare Reform" legislation 20 years ago as well as the spending priorities of Congress and the impact of slow wage growth...Teens in low-income communities, overlooked by childhood nutrition policies, do sex work, save school lunches, sell drugs and join gangs for food, report says."
The recent research study by anti-poverty researchers new study: The draconian "Welfare Reform" Hillary vocally championed in 1990s, -- doubled down on in 2000.

Denigrating the single moms whose benefits were slashed: Hillary calling them "deadbeats" that's according to Hillary in the 2000s -- the damage and following consequences has, even now, 20 years later, helped push girls into de facto prostitution

See above link for the study. For more important background on the devastating impact on women of so-called welfare "reform" and Hillary's forcefully endorsing, promoting, and "championing" it. [link coming]

Before getting to the rest of Hillary's deeply anti-women history though, let's mention the elephant in the room, ok? Perhaps this has crossed your mind in the past? Perhaps you've noticed that:
Every 4 years Republican politicians and pundits scream with complete "certainty" that if the Democrat every gets into office, not only will all taxes skyrocket but "they will take all your guns!" — and every 4 years, Establishment Democrats try to terrify us by declaring with "certainty" that if the Republican gets into office, "they will BAN abortion!" Neither scare-mongering "prediction" ever comes to pass, as you've doubtless noticed; and, reproductive access often plummets under Democrats..the Clinton, Corporate Democrat it did in 1990s

Republicans' "End of the World if Democrat Wins"? That's what was supposed to happen in 1992; and 1996; and again in 2008 & again in 2012 when Democrats won. And just what was supposed to happen in 1980 & again in 1984 and in 1988 (but didn't happened during those 12 years of Republican presidents) and that was supposed to happen again in 2000, & yet again 2004 when Republicans won and held the White House for yet another either years..and again didn't happen? "If Obama wins in 2008" he'll take away all your guns! No? If he gets in again in 2012 he'll definitely take away all your guns!

Same with "abortion will be BANNED!" scare-tactics — that have never materialized just as Republicans' "if [Dem] gets elected, they'll take all your guns!" hasn't — though terrible erosion in reproductive health access did happen during the Clinton 1990s! — and which Corporate Democrats make every four years to hold us hostage into voting for the candidates of the Establishment, of "gifts for Wall Street, austerity for the rest" policies at home and wars (which leave thousands to hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian women dead) abroad.

Never mind that access to abortion and reproductive services decreased significantly under Bill and Hillary Clinton 1992-2000 and never mind the actual facts that Trump has actually praised Planned Parenthood repeatedly and moved the Republicans and his positions to be as "moderate" as possible while still keeping "Anti-abortion" official line without which Trump couldn't get nomination, and never mind that Hillary's views turn out to be very murky and so vague when pressed for details that whether Hillary is truly "pro-Choice" is questionable at best (and her stance and reliability look even worse given her VP pick's history, and her VP's same-as-Trump official "I'm against abortion, period" line) all of which we'll get to below, and all of which put into question, as far as de facto realities on the ground go for American women, whether in reality there's much of a big difference at all between Trump and Clinton on abortion

Or indeed, whether (exactly as happened with NAFTA, and with smashing aid to vulnerable single moms in the 1990s thanks to the Clintons) whether Hillary would as president be able to do more damage than a Trump who'd face — watched like a hawk and facing massive vocal outcry at even a single step hurting access — a strong unified opposition in the public, media, and Democratic Establishment. We'll return again to these issues on reproductive, with more details, at the end. But first...a few really important issues and questions that are almost always completely brushed under the rug in the mainstream media.

Honest, serious Question:
What would you think of Trump (or any other candidate female or male) if:

  • Imagine if Trump had in the 1990s slashed aid to millions of struggling single moms
         ...what would you think of his "Attitude towards women"?

  • ...imagine if Trump then added insult to injury by calling those same single moms "deadbeats" a decade later in the 1990s?
         ...what would you then think of his "Attitude towards women"?
          We'd hear or think "What a woman respect for women!" ..right?

  • Next, imagine if Trump has devastated million families — including mothers, wives, girlfriends, etc — splitting families them apart with mass-incarceration including for victimless crimes like possessing...or being friends with someone who possess marijuana..

  • Next, imagine if Trump had been the one who vote for a war that killed hundreds of thousands of women and children
         ...then what would you think of his "Disrespect towards women"?

  • And then, imagine that Trump had the ugly audacity to call that a "mistake"

  • Wait...imagine, next, that Trump didn't learn from his "oops" mistake and repeated it in country after country, again and again: piles of corpses of dead civilian women...
         ...what would you then think of his "Attitude towards women"?
         ...Heck, you'd call it woman-hating, period if Trump or most any other politicians did these things..but it was Hillary who did them all...

  • Compared to all the ugly ways you've heard the real Trump talk...isn't the above obviously far, far worse, if Trump had done the above, instead?

  • Imagine if Trump had pushed Neocon wars leading to scores of dead, or maimed women vets, or with PTSD...or thousands more women affected by being the wife, mother, or daughter of those who suffered those fates...The list goes on and on...

  • And we haven't even mentioned Haiti. Imagine if Trump pushed against raising the minimum wage in Haiti particularly including largely female garment workers, and that sixty-odd cents per hour was "too high" and if Trump had pushed for and got a reduction back to 31 cents per hour!? (We could continue this "What if.." further, thinking about what a woman-hater we'd consider most any other candidate with Hillary's record..with more examples from that record)

    What kind of "callous, misogynistic, cold-hearted ugly attitude towards women" would this be seen as, in the media and much of the public, if it had been Trump who did a FEW let alone ALL of these things? But that's not what Trump did in all these examples, including the last one, in Haiti; that's what what Hillary and her husband Bill did (click on either Haiti meme near top). And we haven't even mentioned Hillary's damage to Honduran women and a world-famous female Honduran environmental activist who was killed in the aftermath of the Coup Hillary backed..and who called out Hillary by name before her death (links below)..

    If you care about women's lives, you don't have vote for either Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump... but if you care about women, the answer to who the "Lesser Evil" is — the one who calls liberal overweight wealthy celebrities names he shouldn't — versus Hillary's long and vicious record putting power, ego, and money above (and at the often brutal expense of) women's lives, the painful but honest answer is clear: Hillary is the Greater Danger.

As in the Minority Rights and other sections,
We ask the same about Women's Rights:

Which candidate is the "Lesser Evil"?
Which candidate is worse?
Who has done more damage?
Whose damaging acts would face less opposition?

Which candidate is really worse, and more dangerous? Talking ugly like Trump, or as we see below, Hillary's long record of actively undermining women's rights, not only leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilian innocent women overseas and dead or maimed women veterans at home, but devastating families with mass incarceration while slashing aid to single moms and their kids particularly hitting minority community — and Hillary's verbal shaming even in the 2000s of those single moms as "deadbeats" in her words.

This doesn't exhaust the list of Domestic damage...and as noted, there's the not-small issues of the hundreds of thousands of dead women and non-whites overseas (and dead and crippled women who are members of the armed forces or the daughter or wife or mothers of those who are)...not in a single horrific "mistake" but in a series of deceptively sold Neocon wars of aggression Hillary voted for or even spearheaded the push for in country after country. That's the well-documented record of Hillary Clinton:
Hillary's brutally anti-women record: "Welfare Deform"

One quick note: Let's not kid ourselves that everything bad was Bill's fault while hypocritically at the same time giving Hillary credit for 8 years of experience as First Lady for everything she (very often falsely) claims went well during those years. Was she a powerful leader or just innocently staying home baking cookies and completely innocent of all the regressive and reactionary policies of her husband's administration? Read this quote from very shortly before the Clintons got into the White House in the 1990s:

Hillary's horribly damaging 1990s policies:
Was it "all Bill's fault??" Quite the opposite:

"If Hillary Clinton becomes First Lady, you can expect.. America will get two [Presidents] in the White House for the price of one." -Maureen Dowd, writing in the NY Times, May 1992.

Yes, it was that clear even back then. And it's exactly what happened: Hillary was outspoken. Hillary vocally and forcefully "sold" to America and pushed forward the disastrous slashing of aid to struggling single moms and their kids; same with mass-incarceration; and the same for the democracy-crippling and job-killing terrible NAFTA trade deal.

So no, Hillary was an outspoken and public advocate for these regressive and reactionary policies like NAFTA (which some of us spoke out against in the early 1990s when Bill Clinton joined with Republicans to ram through), terrible and even economically harmful as well as cruel policies Hillary championed, like slashing aid to struggling single mothers going through tough times (and slashing assistance to their kids) this from a candidate, Hillary, who claims to "champion women"??

Either of these two, by itself, should be a Deal-Breaker, let alone the two together. But there's also Hillary's pushing for the devastating mass incarceration wave of the 1990s, and for healthcare "reforms" that sounded nice, but in reality only helped push forward and accelerate the Corporate HMO Takeover of our healthcare by for-profit bean-counters, which later accelerated?

In truth, Hillary "proudly" advocated for and led those disasters, and has only many years later said NAFTA and mass incarceration were a "mistake" (along with the Libya war, Iraq war, and the NAFTA-on steroids called TPP that was another "mistake" as she claims she now opposes it..but then had her representative vote down an anti-TPP measure at the Convention. It's very hard to believe given her actions [Link Coming] that she does oppose TPP)

How many more "mistakes" can we afford? how many "mistakes" costing millions of jobs, hundreds of billions of dollars, and thousands of lives at home and hundreds of thousands of lives abroad, not to mention PTSD affecting families for years and decades - how many such "mistakes" could you get away with and still expect to be rewarded? None? One? Two? We've just listed more than a half dozen just now and that list is incomplete.

Hillary's brutally anti-women record:
Welfare Reform   Welfare Deform, redux:
1990s Welfare "Reform"?
Was actually crueler than:

It wasn't "good for tax-payers" either;
Rules hurt tax-payers too
By pushing recipients into dead-end
jobs rather than allowing even most
capable to train for more skilled jobs
which would mean they'd stimulate
the economy more & pay more taxes.

"Back then, Bill Clinton was the standard-bearer for the New Democrats, a group that firmly believed the only way to win back the millions of white voters in the South who had defected to the Republican Party was to adopt the right-wing narrative that black communities ought to be disciplined with harsh punishment rather than 'coddled' with welfare. Reagan had won the presidency by dog-whistling to poor and working-class whites with coded racial appeals: railing against 'welfare queens' and criminal 'predators' " notes prominent African American legal and historical scholar Michelle Alexander.

"The 'welfare-reform' legislation that he signed — which Hillary Clinton ardently supported then and characterized as a success as recently as 2008 — replaced the federal safety net with a block grant to the states..added [often lowest common denominator] work requirements [below skill-level what the person was capable of contributing to society] ..and slashed overall public welfare funding by $54 billion"

We can add more. This is what Hillary ardently supported in the 1990s — but in the 2000s? Even then Hillary referred to any such stay at home mothers receiving a single dime of aid as "deadbeats." That's Hillary's words about single mothers going through hard times.

Michelle Alexander: "Experts and pundits disagree about the true impact of welfare reform, but one thing seems clear: Extreme poverty doubled to 1.5 million in the decade and a half after the law was passed. What is extreme poverty? US households are considered to be in extreme poverty if they are surviving on cash incomes of no more than $2 per person per day in any given month."

Link to be added here, with more details on the Welfare "Reform" disaster both Clintons pushed for an got; see caption below cartoon above on the right, for key aspects: both cruel, unnecessary, and harmful also to the economy and public as a whole, as well as to struggling women and their children!

Critical information:
two huge skeletons in Hillary's closet (and Bill's, in Saudi case) put on separate pages only due to space limitations; must see! These two:

Hillary's "special" relationship
with Saudi Dictatorship
World's absolute worst
treatment of women!

Shocking: Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim:
[[link coming]][[Saudi-woman-beheaded-in-parking lot]]
Hillary and the Coup:
How Hillary "helped" get
World-renowned woman activist
(and countless others)
killed in Honduras

Hillary a friend of women, children, and Muslims??

This little boy's dismemberment is thanks to one of
Hillary's wars. Also, he's also one of
800,000 orphans
created according to UK's Chilcot Inquiry. Thanks to
Neocon Hillary, who "learned" from mistake by leading
the charge (not "just" voting for) repeating
scenes just like this in Libya.

How many must die, in how many countries, before it's a deal-breaker and you won't vote for a candidate? Multiple countries and well over a million devastated isn't enough for you?
Marjorie Cohn, professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, former president of the National Lawyers Guild, and deputy secretary-general of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, wrote a piece (as if all the the above isn't enough) that may interest you: Want Endless War?..Well, Hillary Clinton's Your Choice
Or see short summary at Institute for Public Accuracy website

Susan Sarandon:
Why she fears Hillary Foreign Policy More Than Trump:

"Her record — I mean, she did not learn a thing from Iraq. She is an interventionist. She's done horrible things, horrible things, and very callously," she added..I think we'll be in Iran in two seconds. That scares me. That frightens me."-Susan Sarandon

More Women speak out about Hillary:

YahNe Ndgo explains Bernie or Bust/Never Hillary

Bernie Sanders Supporter SLAYS Condescending CNN Pundit With Facts
This Sanders Delegate Unleashing on Hillary Clinton Is Going Absolutely Viral

We promised that after showcasing
Hillary's deeply anti-women policies
massively harmfully anti-women...we promised
in example after after example..
We promised that we'd return to abortion

and Reproductive Rights more broadly
When you have time to read in depth:
Here it is:
Abortion, Reproductive Rights
and Planned Parenthood

How different are the positions?
And who could get away with doing more damage?


There isn't "a special place in hell" for women who don't support a dangerous, violent warmonger and horribly anti-woman candidate like Hillary, as some of her supporters implied.

If we're going to involve that kind of strong metaphor at all, wouldn't it be that there's "a special place in hell" for women who

Many honest women have proven that thesis wrong, women like Rep. Barbara Lee, the only member of Congress who had the courage to speak out right after 9/11 against open-ended "blank check" war resolutions. Women like Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. Women like [Dr. Jill Stein][Link coming]

Do we want history to record a woman who's back-stabbed all the above groups including vulnerable women in the U.S. and extremely vulnerable women around the world....but who then tries to herd everyone under her wing to "protect" these very same groups, and to "represent" women on the national and international scene? Is that someone you'd feel proud of having backed? We wouldn't talk about "a special place in hell" for us if we fall for it; but there is a place for it: a place of life-long Regret, afterwords.

Any link/vid/etc Yahne Ndgo Suggests? Debbie suggests/Victor/Others?

Debbie, The Sane Progressive on youtube/twitter/facebook - great Video already in the Minority Rights section, may add to War and Peace section. Or watch directly her eloquent, powerful (yet just a few minutes long) summary of how and why Hillary scares her more than Trump, see her response here!

Added post-election -- NEW, Shocking: Trump's far more misogynistic brother

Tweet this page on Hillary's record on Women's Rights:
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Closing Summary:
In a non-swing states, always vote your values in any
election; but this you know the facts:

Hillary in so many ways is not the "Lesser Evil" but
the Greater Evil in past acts, and even more clearly,
Hillary is the Greater Danger (Trump would be a more opposed,
weaker, thus less dangerous — less able to do damage — president)

Fight for a last-minute miracle President Jill..
A DT Presidency would increase progressive activism
With Hillary, most Media would spin for her, many Americans would
Go back to sleep, as in 90s, when Clintons gave us NAFTA & slashed aid to single moms
Today it would mean also:
$trillions on wars: devastation, death & more terrorism through Iraq-War style repeats

After reviewing this, we hope you'll agree that "even"
in swing states too, vote for the Greater Good:
Dr. Jill Stein for President!

At worst, we'll get a weaker "Lesser Evil" president in DT flooded with opposition
And at Best? After all the huge Surprises (Bernie going so far, DT nomination, latest HRC health problems) we've seen?

At best? We'll get a
deeply progressive
President Dr. Jill Stein!

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"HORRIFYING"-- 150% increase in Extreme Poverty due to Clintons' Welfare "Reform"

"HORRIFYING"-- 150% increase in Extreme Poverty due to Clintons' Welfare "Reform"